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Ways to Support

The best way: Purchase the books. Shop from our Disability History & Awareness registry on Bookshop.org and you will support us in multiple ways.

  • Books purchased from our registry will go directly to our school libraries.
  • 10% of those purchases will go to us, and we will be able to purchase more books from our list.
  • Additionally, all other purchases through our profile will also give us 10% for even more books!

Another great option is to donate directly to the program. Your full donation goes directly to the program, which will go to purchasing books, promoting the program, and supporting student artists.

The third option will not only support our program, but also student artists. Purchase a shirt. Visit our campaign page to select equity month-themed apparel, designed by Edmonds School District students, and all proceeds will go toward purchasing books from the curated list associated with the design you chose. Student artwork is solicited to promote the program at large, in addition to increasing visibility of the community of interest. As the program strives to correct inequities by providing opportunities and giving voice to these specific communities of interest, additional emphasis is placed on artwork submitted by student artists whose identity aligns with a featured community of interest.

A World of Books is a program by the Equity Alliance for Achievement (EAACH), Librarians for Equity and Diversity of Edmonds School District (LEAD), and the Parent Leaders of Edmonds School District (Edmonds PTA Council) to add more inclusive books to all of our school libraries.  

Edmonds School District has established several equity themes in an effort to guide their Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion efforts. These themes reflect historically marginalized and/or underrepresented groups. Months are chosen that coordinate with state or nationally recognized history or heritage months.

The current goal of the program is to donate 10 books per theme to each library in our district. The chart below shows the average number of books purchased so far for each school library in the district.


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